Parties on Barcelona
Download our app Luna: Drinks & Clubs, or navigate on our website to know where go to party tonight in Barcelona. We present you a selection of places or recommended clubs in the condal city. This selection are available also in english on our app. Wanna discover Barcelona Nightlife? Welcome to Luna!
Day of Week
    • Lunes
    • Martes
    • Miércoles
    • Jueves
    • Viernes
    • Sábado
    • Domingo
      • Barsecco
      • Blue Martini
      • Cameo
      • Candela
      • Carpas Lemon
      • CDLC
      • City Hall
      • Delano Hotel
      • Dirty Rabbit
      • El Cinco
      • Florida Room
      • Gold Rush Cabaret
      • Hotel W
      • Jamboree
      • Komodo Lounge
      • La Sombra
      • Liv
      • Mokaï Lounge
      • Mr. Jones
      • Nikki Beach
      • Opium
      • Pacha
      • Rácket
      • Rockwell
      • Sala Apolo
      • Shôko
      • Story
      • Studio 23
      • The Cape
      • TuCandela
      • Wall
      • 'Small''s'
      • Bikini
      • Bling
      • Costa Breve
      • Hyde
      • Input
      • Los Altos
      • Nuba
      • Oak
      • Otto Zutz
      • Razzmatazz
      • Soho
      • Sutton
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