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With Luna you can discover and join all the events in Barcelona and Miami and buy your drinks through the app.

About Luna:

The most innovative marketplace in the industry, according to the reviews about us on media like Expansión or Android4All. Getting enrolled is easy, download the app.

Luna is the app that allows you to join to all the events in your city, gossip who goes out and save you money when it comes to partying. Download Luna and you will see how easy it is to party in your city.

How? With an app that not only allows you to discover events, also see who attends and of course, pay less for a drink and quit lining.

Download Luna and you will see how easy it is to party in your city. Discover and choose the events that you like the most, make sure that “your ex does not go out to the same event as you” and above all, save money buying your drinks through the app.

Going out tonight?

Download Luna and check how easy it is to party in your city. Add yourself on every list, make sure that “your ex does not go to the same event as you,” and above all, save yourself money buying your drinks.

Luna offers a changing offer of nightclub events according to the conditions and needs that you and your friends may have. Download now and get full control over tonight’s party that you and your friends are up to.

Do you organize nightlife events? We're your App.

Use our platforms to achieve greater relevance in our community. We have designed a set of business apps that will not only make you get more customers. It will allow you to know your consumers in detail, interact directly with them and retain them to your brand or venue.

All this, simply by registering, downloading an app and accessing the data and analytics dashboard. Forget about third-party platforms to interact with your local audience, sell even more and reduce your marketing costs with Luna.


We are currently operating in Barcelona and Miami. Stay tuned for the opening of new cities. Otherwise, we’ll let you know!

Luna token consists of a nightlife coin that we generate when you buy drinks through the app. The purpose of this currency is that you can consume in all nightlife venues (nightclubs and festivals) both nationally and internationally. In addition you can, save money when going out, reuse your unconsumed drinks and access the purchase history.

If you ever spot an ambassador code, this means you’ll be even more VIP. He or she will take care of your access. You just have to copy and paste it at the field on “My QR Code” page in the app.



The trendiest nightclubs and events in
your city and its attendees
through Luna



Find you Ambassador and enjoy the
advantages he or she can
offer you



Use your Luna wallet to buy your
drinks at a lower price
and skip the line

Long story short: Luna is more than a party app .

In Luna you will find thousands of users who, like you, are super ready to party. With our mobile application, in addition to signing up for events and parties that are a trend in your city, you can save money when going out. All with the glamour of a unique social network, which shows you the most attended places and interact with users who also are joining the event. Join Luna, the best party app.