Frequently Asked Questions

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    Which platforms is Luna available on?

    Luna: Clubs & Drinks is available on both iOS and Android. Download it now on your device!

    How can I register?

    As easy as going to your application marketplace, searching for “Luna: Clubs & Drinks” and downloading the app. Later, you access the app, register with your social networks or manually and ready to party!

    Is Luna a safe platform?

    We have invested in our own infrastructure and in consolidating our own security certificate in our website We do not share server with third party companies and absolutely never give up your information voluntarily.

    It is our promise of service and we want to inform you that we work hard every day not only to offer you a top experience, but also to guarantee the security of your data on our website.

    Where can I use Luna?

    We are currently operating in Barcelona, Miami, Ibiza y Madrid. Stay tuned for the opening of new cities. Otherwise, we’ll let you know!

    Do I have to create an account to buy?

    Yes, it is necessary to create an account in order to make drink purchases. You can create the account when starting Luna: Clubs & Drinks after downloading the app. Add money and buy drinks for all your nightclubs, saving you time and money.

    What forms of payment can I use in Luna?

    Our most important responsibility is that you feel comfortable and safe during the purchase process. Therefore, we do not mind having to pay more transaction fees if we have the guarantee that your data will be safe and secure.

    That is why we have the following payment methods in web products, totally secure: Paypal, Cash on Delivery and / or Bank Transfer.

    How do you manage the information of the clients in Luna?

    The personal information you give us during the purchase process at Luna will be used only for administrative purposes.

    The information is stored on a secure server and you can always fill out our withdrawal form, if you want us to delete you from our system.

    Last but not least, we promise that UNDER NO CONCEPT, we will transfer your information to third parties or external databases.


    How do I add money into my wallet?

    After having downloaded Luna: Clubs & Drinks and registered, you access your wallet. You will see a button called “Update your Card”. Click, and enter your bank card details that you want to use to load your wallet. Finally, enter the amount you want to add and ready to consume!

    Can I access my consumption history?

    How can I get my money out of the wallet?

    Just send us an email to and we will manage your money back as quickly as possible.

    What is the minimum age to consume with Luna?

    In order for you to understand our business model, we sell QR codes that are exchanged for drinks at the venues you party at. We do our best so the user indicates its true age, however we are still working to verify the ages of each user technologically. Currently, the venue is always responsible for verifying your age before serving an alcoholic consumption. If you are a minor, we recommend consuming non-alcoholic beverages!