¿What’s Luna?

Luna lets you join guests lists to all the events in your city, gossip who’s going out and save money buying drinks through the app. Download Luna and you will see how easy it is to party in your city!


Event Guide:

Discover and sign up for the nightlife events in Barcelona according to the conditions and needs that you and your friends may have. Download Luna and get full control over tonight’s party that you and your friends are up to.


Who's going out?

Take advantage of the advantages offered by accessing people who could attend the same event as you. Make sure your ex is not on the list and connect with other users!


Save money!

With Luna you can buy your drinks both in advance and at the moment. This way, you save money and time by skipping the line. Do you run out of credit? Recharge and consume!

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Are you passing by Barcelona or Miami, you want to go out and but don’t know where? With Luna, you can now discover the most fashionable places to party at and the kind of parties they organize.

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Not knowing where… It’s not an excuse!



And growing every day!

Are you goingout tonight?

Download Luna and you will see how easy it is to party in your city. Discover and sign up to your favourite events, make sure that “your ex doesn’t go to the same event as you,” and above all, save money buying your drinks through the app.

Do you organise nightlife events? We have a great plan for you.

You can now use our platform to achieve greater relevance in our user community. At Luna we have thought about a business architecture that will not only make you get more clients. It will allow you to know your audience even more, to relate directly to them and to build loyalty to your brand or venue.

It is a set of corporate applications that has our seal and is directly linked to the Luna platform. Forget about third party platforms to interact with your local audience, sell even more and reduce your marketing costs. All thanks to Luna.


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You can find us at the Android & iOS stores. Download for FREE and get exchangeable TOKENS.