Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Luna a safe platform?

We have invested in our own infrastructure and in consolidating our own security certificate in our website We do not share server with third party companies and absolutely never give up your information voluntarily.

It is our promise of service and we want to inform you that we work hard every day not only to offer you a top experience, but also to guarantee the security of your data on our website.

I have seen a product and it is no longer available, will you have it again?

Our catalog is alive. New offers and products continually enter and leave. If you saw an article, you want it, but it is no longer available on our website, you can write us through the contact form with a request for information about the product in question.

It is more than possible, even if you do not find it on our website, you can reserve it if we receive a new batch of that article. If, on the other hand, we do not plan to replace the article, at least we will have informed you.

Do I have to create an account to buy?

Yes, it is necessary to create an account to be able to make purchases in Luna. You can create the account during the purchase process and you will only need a valid email, where we will send you the password generated only for you. You can change it in the “Customer Area”. The advantage of this is that in your next purchases, the process will be much faster for you.

You can be sure that the data we request will be stored in a safe place and that we will only use it to contact you for information purposes about an order, to send you price change alerts or special offers. Your data will NOT be transferred in any case to third parties.

How do you manage the information of the clients in Luna?

The personal information that you give us during the purchase process in App Luna will be used only for administrative purposes for example, to send the order to your address, or to contact you in case of an order incident.

The information is stored on a server sure and you can always fill out our withdrawal form, if what you want is that we delete you from our system.

Last but not least, we promise that under NO CONCEPT, we will give your information to third parties or external databases.

What forms of payment can I use in Luna?

Our most important responsibility is that you feel comfortable and safe during the purchase process. For this reason, we do not mind having to pay more commissions per transaction if with that we have the guarantee that your data will be safe and secure.

That is why we have the following payment methods, totally secure: Paypal, Contra-Refund and / or Transfer Banking


I'm applying a discount coupon, and it will not let me. How can I find one?

As a general rule, there is an active discount coupon campaign on our website and, in fact, we announce it publicly as a way to encourage your purchase decision on our app.

These coupons, always reward, unless otherwise stated, the first purchases on our app. If your coupon does not work, it is likely that you have already used it in our shopping cart. Do you want a discount? Follow us on Instagram!

If I use my card or Paypal, will the order information appear in the statement?

Can I indicate the delivery of my order to another address?

Of course! We will send your order to you where you indicate at the time of purchase. If you want to change the shipping destination, for this select the option “Send to a different address” that you will find at the time of data capture of our cart.

Remember, wherever you want, your order totally discreet with App Luna, guaranteed.

I already placed my order, but I want to change it, how can I make the change?

Our Shipping and Delivery service, makes your order arrive between 18 and 36 hours on average, depending on the time you place the order. This is a problem in this case, because if you doubt and do not tell us, it is most likely that your original order arrives.

If you want to change it, immediately contact us to make the change and not proceed with the shipment. You have 2 hours of margin, between the purchase validation and the shipment.